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Own it, America

We’ve left the Paris Accords.

Let’s face it, Americans. This is who we are. This is our face. This is what we’ve done to ourselves and everyone else. It’s malignant, profane, destructive, and we’re beyond the point that we should be embarrassed. Our current course should be terrifying.

Left-wing talk on social media and over airwaves today begs the world to understand a variety of platitudes, all meant to separate us from the act.

Not all of us are this way! 

A minority elected him!

It’s just a fringe that think like this!

I recycle!

None of that matters. We have a half-literate madman at the helm, driven by greed and narcissism. He’s not supported by some mythological horde of angry and bitter maniacs who deny reality or know no alternative to their passive aggression. Currently, the vast majority of Republican politicians support him. There is no rational, civil or sensible case to be made for the support of a man who puts short-term profit and thumb-nosing above the destruction of our planet. Yet there he stands, complete with his covfefe (which my autocorrect kept trying to change), his party toeing the line as he stomps about the garden.

Our process elected him. He is the result of our apathy and adoration of ignorance. This is from Business Insider:

Nearly 139 million Americans [turned out in 2016]…but that total suggests that only 60% of the country’s 232 million eligible voters actually voted…

For some Americans, the two names at the top of the 2016 ticket were so unpalatable that they opted not to vote for president at all, instead focusing on down-ballot races.

In 14 states, more people voted in the Senate races than voted for president. The overall results show that nearly 2.4 million people nationwide cast ballots but left the presidential line blank.

Inexcusable. We need to be done with the excuses and platitudes and realize that a critical mass of Americans support a party that sees no problem with our current course of mayhem. Not even the potential for mass extinction humbles them before their desire for profit and power. They see a malignant narcissist and wonder what they personally might gain from his madness. Opportunists are everywhere. Presidential candidate Lindsey Graham, who once said our president “doesn’t know anything” about foreign policy, just yesterday tweeted this utter non-sense: “I support President Trump’s desire to re-enter the Paris Accord after the agreement becomes a better deal for America and business.”

Our system is flexible enough that we can change this course, but the first step has to take place in our consciousness. Right now we are a nation led by a party whose only compass is profit and personal gain, whose God is Ayn Rand, not Jesus Christ. Its leader is a man so toxic that he poisons any system he enters. We are, all of us, members of that system, and we can’t change it by putting forth an effort to separate ourselves.

We left the Paris Accord because we elected a man and party who see no course as wrong so long as their wealth is growing and protected, even at the expense of their grandchildren. If we want to change that, we have to take responsibility and action ourselves, and the first step is to look at the mess. It’s in our house.



Duck amuck (my two cents)

It’s not that some unfortunate and poorly educated old man said foolish things to writers licking their chops for his folly. It’s that this kind of folly becomes the centerpiece of a national discussion. We don’t talk about “that book that just got published” or “this new scientific discovery.”

No. We don’t even know what that is.

Some of us express shock that a man who makes his living carving whistles and pumping shotguns on a television show also harbors deluded views of reality and warped readings of his own religious teachings. Some of us rush to his defense as we dress ourselves in warped views of our own political documents, our hearts aflame with nationalism. Yet we fail to understand that both responses are identical. They’re motivated by the same impulse. And both miss the point.

This should be dismissed as unfortunate rambling. Instead, we sit transfixed, lobbing insults at one another. In the meantime, we’re not paying attention to anything that can save us from ourselves. Instead, we dive right in to the folly that keeps us from the conversation we should be having, namely this one: What can be done to keep us from destroying our home?

The answer isn’t in the colosseum. The fantasy pick. The patriarch of ducks or the cover of a magazine. But that’s what a society starts paying attention to when it loses the values that once allowed it civility. It’s in every history book. If you want to know what comes next, pick one up.

For the record: he should be taken off the air, but not because his comments are offensive to either the public or sponsors. He should be taken off the air because leaving it on the air would reflect a lack of empathy for him and those he loathes.

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