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Free paper for film class

In case there’s somebody who’s in a crunch and really needs a last-minute paper for their Intro to Film class, I wrote this one. Don’t say I never helped you out. Just cut and paste and hand it in. Don’t worry. Your teacher won’t figure out you got this from the internet.

This paper works for any film class, any director and any project. Believe me. I have proof.

The film’s main point is how there’s like a meaning to anything, including the meaning of things you never even thought about, for example flowers or like a guitar sound in the background, or even a famous actor who you think is hot in real life but in the film they’re just like a regular Joe or even a character who needs to figure out the main part about the movie, which usually gets made up by a director, plus all those people who help out in a film, where you need electricity and somebody to set the table and make sure you have all the different props in the right place, maybe even a couple of things just in case you run out, and then you get to start making it, because it’s generally about how if you want to be strong in this world, then you need a lot of strength and passion, or how it’s not fair because they have money in high places and the poor people always get to sweep the floor or they have to figure out the problem all by themselves, which if you think about it is the same as all the lessons on how they made your life for you and you didn’t even do nothing about it, except maybe a couple of things, which now in days get all around big cities, you know, with social class in it, and then you can’t even see the theater anymore because what are you supposed to do if it costs like ten bucks to go in a film and they ask you for that money right at the window, not outside where the cars are still getting parked, and if you bring your own popcorn pretty much you’ll get told no, you can’t, so that’s why I only got to see like two out of the four films this semester even though I got a lot out of them and I am happy about it since now I know how to talk about film with anybody.

If you fail, just say, “Fuck off. I got this from a film teacher. I put social class in it.”

Good luck.


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Final exam extra credit questions

Who says final exams have to be boring?

The following are extra credit questions on the final exam of my Film Class, Humanities 153:

1.)   Which of the following can be an Explicit meaning of the film Amadeus:

a.)   If you’re going to compose music, you should make it accessible and simple so that all people could understand it in all cultures and time periods. This is especially true if you’re elitist.

b.)   A composer dreams of becoming as great as an adversary he admires. When he cannot, he murders him, and is doomed forever to realize his mediocrity.

c.)   A composer tries to commit suicide. When he fails, he has to talk to a priest and feel shame.

d.)   Salieri is not as great as Mozart and will never be as great as Mozart. This is especially true in places that play Mozart’s music, like Macy’s during Christmas.

e.)   Why should we listen to Mozart when there’s way better stuff available these days like Falco? Falco’s death was a tragedy.

2.)   Which of the following can be a Referential meaning of Amadeus?

a.)   God, an often misunderstood figure, believes that torturing a talented mind is justified in the face of pre-Napoleonic political turmoil in central Europe.

b.)   God is cruel because he allows certain types of men to have power over others.

c.)   In a society where value and beauty are determined by a Monarch, a community of artists seems to be the last refuge for personal worth, except when one of them kills you out of jealousy.

d.)   In pre-Napoleonic central Europe, a crazed composer takes pride in his murder, in grand defiance of God, of a contemporary.

e.)   None of the above

3.)   Which of the following can be an idea about the subject of war in Casablanca?

a.)   Those who fornicate before marriage will invariably be damned and forced to retreat to places such as Morocco where abject madness replaces morality.

b.)   Michael Curtis believes that it’s better to escape from war than it is to shoot a Nazi.

c.)   We should all be French Nationalists.

d.)   The police have always had their way, especially during wartime, unless Humphrey has his say.

e.)   None of the above