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The “secret weapon” of marketing

Hint: it’s no secret.

Here’s a great video I’m going to use in my class this summer to make a point about argumentation and persuasion. This woman’s job is to make the British and Canadian public buy food raised in factory farms. She reveals her methods, all of them obvious yet, for most of us, shocking:

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Caring for a chronically ill spouse

I had never heard of Neurocardiogenic Syncope prior to reading this article by blogger Cory Huff. I hope Cory becomes a regular contributor to the Marriage section.

Bloggers, if you have similar stories, even if they are not your own, please contribute them to The Good Men Project. To see the call for submissions, please click here.

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A good office chair?

I’ve decided that I finally need a good office chair. But I have no idea where to begin looking for one. All my life I have been writing from whichever chair was available, and I have never gone out to look for something that might improve my health. I realize this is probably an important thing now, especially given what yoga is teaching me about my body.

So, writers, any recommendations? Post in the comments or send me e-mail messages.