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Light powered by blood

I’m obviously several years late to this amazing item, but I’ll claim to have finally found it. Here’s Mike Thompson’s little big invention, a lamp that glows when you add your own blood to it. Even if we never use it, and most of us won’t ever even see one, it asks us to think about how wasteful we are with energy, how entitled we feel to it.

I find the lamp brilliant not simply because it’s a light source employing a curious form of chemistry. I love how Thompson has political art meet commerce meet craft meet interaction. The bottle needs to be broken, and the shards serve as the tools to draw one’s blood.

Imagine if you had to give blood each time you wanted to drive your SUV down the street to pick up a pack of smokes. Each time you turned on the air conditioner. Would you turn it on to cool you place by only a few degrees? I have neighbors who turn their AC on as soon as the farenheit hits more than 75. One of the arguments my wife and I get into constantly has to do with the winter thermostat, and we fall along stereotypical gender lines. The argument would change if we needed to make an immediate sacrifice to adjust our heat.

Here I am, typing this blog entry on a computer, using a small HD television to view my own work, a small heater under my chair in this, the basement of my home.

Let’s remain mindful.



Photo by Mike Thompson.