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Looking forward to the Summer Literary Seminars

Am I excited about this summer’s SLS? I can’t really express the anticipation. However, I tried in this article.

As a side note, I’m excited to find myself in a new environment, at least for a short time, away from the community college. This week’s True Community explains why: ...the community college can become a lens, a point of perception, and if I sit too long inside it, I face the isolating illusion that the entire world has become disinterested in itself.

Hope you’ll check it out. SLS participants, see you there!



Photo from SLS Facebook Page.


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Accepting success and admitting failure

The most difficult question a student ever asked me is the topic of this week’s True Community, my weekly column about men and education.

The article deals with questions virtually any middle class father and husband will face. How can we improve ourselves and our capacity to provide and father when self-improvement requires sacrifices of time and money, the two things we need to be effective fathers and providers?

Please read and share. Cheers.




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This is on my syllabus

The semester is about to begin. What fun. I am including this on all my syllabi this semester:

E-mail etiquette:

      E-mail is a convenient tool to help us communicate. It is NOT, however, a free-for-all. You should be courteous when you e-mail your professors. Please write in complete sentences and in actual English; do not fill your message with SMS jargon or slang. If you don’t have time to write a respectable, readable message, you should not write it at all but seek some form of communication that fits your schedule.

Appropriate topics

1.)I have a question about the reading or about a writing issue.

2.)I do not understand what you said in class about a discussion topic.

3.)I cannot come to your office hours this week but would like to see you at a different time.

4.)I will have to miss class next week and would like to arrange something.

5.)I have a scheduling or logistical problem.

Inappropriate topics (I will ignore these messages)-

1.)Please tell me what you covered in the class I missed.

2.)What’s the homework?

3.)U have 2 (something something).

4.)Imma gonna b goin 2 a gr8 fam vaca next week so u need 2 (something something).