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Remembering the Russian crackdown in Lithuania: 1991

Twenty six years ago, Russia (The Soviet Union) cracked down on Lithuania’s independence movement. The result was fourteen dead and, months later, the collapse of the Soviet Union.

I first visited Lithuania in the summer of 1992. The cement barricades were still in place around the Parliament building, and a few torched areas had yet to be cleaned up properly, but the experience still taught me lessons about sacrifice and defiance. I fell in love with Vilnius instantly.

This past November, thousands of Lithuanian-Americans voted for Trump, despite warnings about his threat to the Baltic States and NATO, despite the knowledge that he was exposed to Russia. I find their vote a grossly irresponsible act of either sadism or masochism, and still can’t get my head around it.

This interview, in Russian with English subtitles, of Landsbergis is vital viewing. Resistance is now inevitable, but it will be costly. However, consider his words: “We presented our political platform at an open debate with the Communist Party and we won.” That’s a tiny country of just over 3 million people taking on the Russian Bear.

Resist. Click for video: