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This week in American discourse (2)

Here are some points I’ve either read or heard made over the course of the past days by my fellow citizens. These have been edited for clarity, respectability and brevity.

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1.) I’m not a racist at all, but I think they make good leaders.

2.) The biggest racists are the ones who call me a racist every time I say something racist.

3.) The left created Trump because they called his followers racists. Racists are tired of having their ethos revealed to them.

4.) We really need to show more empathy to Nazis, otherwise we’ll never convince them that democracy makes sense.


1.) I’m sick of environmentalists, so I’m not going to ride the public transit anymore. The only thing they care about is the environment.

2.) It’s time to get rid of the Bill of Rights. If we don’t, pretty soon there’s going to be a lot more educated people. They’ll outnumber us. That’s unfair.

3.) It’s really dangerous to put so many sex books in our schools. It would be a lot better for kids if they used books they really enjoy, like Hunger Games and The Game of Thrones.

4.) If we leave education up to the teachers, they’re going to teach kids how to discriminate against their family and leaders.