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Cutting off constituents: the ideology of death

So…here’s the situation.

You have an illness that will kill you unless you take daily drugs. Those drugs are manufactured by someone who gets to set whatever price they want. However, you have insurance that pays all or some portion of that exorbitant cost. Some portion of that insurance is paid for by public money.

Your government doesn’t like this. They think you should have been strong and smart enough, prior to getting your illness—or perhaps while you were being delivered, ill already—to take the necessary precautions to avoid death. Because, you know, your sickness is your problem, not your neighbor’s problem; it is the same as your lawn or your aluminum siding.

So, they take your insurance away. And they thumb their noses. Who are you to request that someone else help keep you alive?

What do we call it when someone performs an act they know will lead to someone’s death? What’s the word for acting in such a way that another human is guaranteed to die?

Why don’t members of the United States Congress give up their health benefits? Are some of them facing health issues?


Photo of Mitch McConnell from Wikipedia.

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