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Elena Colás Reviews The Fugue by Gint Aras

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Chicago Literati ran this wonderful review of The Fugue last month.

Chicago Literati

As it’s namesake composition suggests, The Fugue tells its story in many voices. Author Gint Aras sketches the lives of two families, two priests, a young musician and her aunt as they carve out a life between Ukraine and Cicero. Over five decades, the reader hears these voices compliment and contradict one other, harmonize for a moment, and diverge into private suffering. Themes of secrecy and betrayal echo through the generations of the Dilienko and the Jorgensen families, bouncing off the walls of their city apartments and their church confessionals.

The saga begins in the newly freed hands of Yuri Dilienko, who has found himself fresh out of a jail stint on the corner of 14th and 50th Court. His own story began three decades ago, in the home of Ukrainian immigrant, Bronza Dilienko, and his troubled wife, Gaja. Her story began long before that, under a dark cloud that…

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