Liquid Ink

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Didn’t you think?

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Didn’t you think that your dream of the woman’s hands depended on a memory of a woman’s hands?

Didn’t you think that the memory came first, followed then by the imagined vision, the game, the mental play?

Or have you been thinking that those hands you keep seeing were never before your eyes? Do you think, sitting here now, seeing those hands, that you’re able to generate them entirely, their skin and lacquered nails, from the memory of completely different hands?

Did you think, before we had this conversation, that blind men imagine hands as vividly as you do?

Can you ever be sure that any image in your mind, in that field that rushes forth and pulls back instantly and endlessly, is either imagined or remembered?

Does it matter what it is if it’s not before you right now, if the image is only dredged up from the past or anticipating a future, one unlikely to come?


Photo by Kheel Center.

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