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FIFA: get serious about diving players

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The dive by Fred in the opening match of Brazil vs. Croatia was disgraceful:

I’ve discussed it with fans on social media. Some people, most of them Americans, are calling for replay. I don’t support reviewing calls that are subjective (you cannot, for example, review pass interference calls in the NFL). However, I am for expanding the refereeing crew to two refs, one per half of the pitch, and I believe red cards should be automatic for dives in the penalty area. What’s more, the suspension should be for two matches instead of one.

I want to take it one step further, even. FIFA should have the authority to assess red cards *following* a match in the event that a ref misses a dive in the penalty area. A dive assessed by official post game review should carry the identical penalty, with the added bonus of forcing the team to field ten players for the next match.

Of course, FIFA will never implement even a shade of my draconian idea. Is it that the tradition of feigning injury and contact to flop about the penalty area is just too deep to the culture?

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