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The list of questions

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This is a supplement to today’s Good Men Project article, the first one from my new column, True Community. Some readers are probably curious about what questions ended up generated by my exercise. Here’s the list, complied in the order in which they came. Many students had similar, even identical questions, and the thematic patters are obvious:

Is there an afterlife? (If it’s there, what’s it like?)

Why do people blindly believe in religion?

Is violence a human instinct?

How can life be meaningful if we’re going to die?

Why does poverty still exist today?

Are we the only life in the solar system?

What is the nature of animal consciousness?

Who is the most intelligent human to have ever lived?

Why are humans more intelligent than other creatures? \

What determines intelligence?

Why do we have feelings?

Why do we pay more attention to entertainment and less attention to other media?

Why do we believe that celebrities are entertaining while politicians are boring?

Why do we believe that famous people are entertaining while science and math are boring?

How high can the standard of living rise in the United States?

Is America the wealthiest country in the world?

Does America enjoy the highest standard of living?

Why are violent video games so popular?

Why are we fascinated by violent people?

Why do fiction writers who depict utopias actually tell stories about dystopia?

Why are we so corrupt?

Is it possible to create a perfectly equal society?

Why don’t people actually improve the world, despite their efforts?

What is deja vu?

Why do scientific ideas and religious ideas often contradict one another?

Why do we prioritize curing some diseases or conditions over others?

What is water intoxication?

Why is education so expensive?

What is causing global warming?

When we know that some educational models work, why haven’t we applied them across our system?

Does God exist?

At which point is a body entirely dead?

Why can’t we move our trash off the planet?


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