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I’m psychic


Last night during meditation—I try to meditate every night before bed—I kept having this intrusive thought that concerned my car. Now, I can’t stand cars and look at them as a nuisance, a symbol of our degradation; they’re a source of stress for me, mostly. My spare tire was stolen over a year ago and I’ve yet to replace it. So during this meditation the thought kept coming up—it was relentless—you need to get one of those fix-a-flat cans in case your wife gets a flat tire. I was able to let the thought go.

But then I had a dream that my wife had a flat tire. I was sitting someplace thinking, Why didn’t you get one of those cans of fix-a-flat? Why didn’t you get a spare? Now she’s stranded all the way across town.

I awoke noting these thoughts and figured I’d take care of the problem the next time I had to take the care someplace. Of course, what happened? This afternoon I got a text from my wife. She had a flat tire and was taking the car to a Mexican mechanic’s on the North Side.

So, there it is. I can see the future.

2 thoughts on “I’m psychic

  1. And did you get a fix-a-flat kit after? 🙂

  2. This kind of thing happens all the time. It is ALWAYS about petty inconsequential stuff. I used to spend time thinking about what it means but I think it just means our senses are a lot more precise than we know. You might very well have picked up on something wrong with the tire, some tiny change in the car’s balance or the sound of a slow leak…and the only time when we are not consumed and numbed by all our super important busy-busy human crap is when we are asleep.

    Of course, if your wife hot a nail in the road – you are psychic.

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