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It would be easier if…

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I’ve been told that my classes—I teach rhetoric and remedial college literacy readiness courses—would be easier and more engaging if I used YouTube videos and multimedia. I routinely use Google Maps because…well…most of my students don’t know where London and New York are. That’s not the kind of media I’m supposed to use, apparently, because the map is boring. I’ve also shown TED lectures. That also seems not to qualify as the right kind of video.

What if I taped my lectures and put them on YouTube? I could simply sit in the back of the room and watch my own lecture. Has anyone tried this? Did the class respond with irony or complaint?

It sure would be easier if I could video tape myself once and replay the whole thing over and again. If they had any questions, I’d just go back to the part where I explain the answer, which is what I have to do in live lectures anyway. Is this genius?

One thought on “It would be easier if…

  1. Hopefully next semester your students are more involved (and better listeners). Lol.

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