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Sulphur Dung of Lions

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In this essay I will be writng about how I’m going to say the thing that was on my mind when I first started thinking about a topic that would make a good essay and engage my audiece by helping them understand what I want to express when I say that I’m going to say the thing that was on my mind.

It’s important when writing that you always make sure your reader can understand what you mean when you say that it’s important.

Everyone, even you, generally wishes to believe in something that makes sense for people, all kinds, including everyone. I firmly believe that you need to go with what is in your heart because if you ignore what you know is right you will find yourself without what you firmly believe.

In our society, only girls can get pregant.

Normally, the kind of thing I would be writing about would require explaining some of my key points but today I can focus on something that really doesn’t get to be the kind of thing discussed normally.

Maybe in the past it could be argued that your morality was in play, but these days we have standards for judging people that have nothing to do with the past. In fact, generally we believe that to be fair is essential in all facts. You might disagree; however, know that in this world you are allowed to do as you might.

What’s true is that some facts are offensive. That’s your right. Virtually anyone can think this. If they don’t want to, they can think something else.

You can prevent most pregnancies with birth control, though it’s your choice if you want to prevent most pregnancies, though not all.

Realizing that it’s important to note how the main point gets made, it’s even more important to remember that it’s important to realize.

To conclude, anybody can start something but it takes a real man like me to conclude.


Photo of Gint Aras with his daughter, Kira.

One thought on “Sulphur Dung of Lions

  1. Those who don’t know: Sulfphur dung of lions is a quote from Ulysses.

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