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If this doesn’t kick your ass….

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Okay, if this doesn’t do it, nothing will. You look at this and your ass isn’t kicked? Retreat from the human race immediately. Go eat a hotdog, pack your fucking suitcase and jump in in the Danube. Get washed down past Linz.

This is Leonardo Da Vinci, who died in 1519, imagining how the Val di Chiana landscape would look to a bird flying way overhead. This is the power of the human imagination, the imagination of someone who wanted to fly. This is the power of genius. This is the real fucking deal, and it should make you want to love everyone you meet.

Leo was half a millennium ahead of his time. He took shit out to space, to god damn space; he was a satellite of the earth. The most intelligent person on the planet right now exists between curves on a 4d grid, contemplates the nature of wormholes relative to black holes. Leonardo WAS the damn grid. He knew he was the universe. He was a zen master, and he didn’t even know it, which makes him a hyper-zen master.

I apologize for not knowing whom to credit for this extraordinary image. I got it off of Mikhail Iossel’s Facebook page. I’m not making any money by posting it. I’m just kicking everyone’s ass with it.


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