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As the Marriage Editor at The Good Men Project, I’m looking for someone to blog for me weekly on the subject of Masculinity and Marriage. There’s no pay, but you’d reach a huge audience, and if you’re witty enough you’d become an internet sensation. If you feel like this is something you’re interested in, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m looking for two people.

1.) Ideally, I’d like the first writer to be a man currently in a healthy marriage. You’d have an interesting, witty or ironic (even absurd) way of looking at the day-to-day affairs of a married man. When do you get horny (and what is the result)? When do you get exhausted? How do you deal with the demands life throws at you? Why do you stay in love with the same woman? What happens when you and your male friends, married or not, spend time without women? What happens when you spend time with your wife’s friends? When do you find time for yourself? Etcetera.

Plenty of men are in healthy marriages, and loads of men make great husbands. That narrative, however, gets crushed because it’s “not interesting”. Of course, it’s a fascinating narrative, and it needs to be shared.

2.) Ideally, I’d like for the second writer to be a marriage counselor. I’m interested in what men come to complain about to a counselor and how their concerns can be resolved, if at all. From what I’m able to tell, men, even those in healthy marriages, feel isolated and quieted. How can a counselor deal with this? This would not be an advice column, not necessarily. I envision these posts more as meditations on difficulties, needs, conflicts and resolutions.

3.) I’m also very interested in a divorce attorney who might blog on the conflicts men face when getting divorced, how the law affects men and how anything might be changing. Stories from a legal point of view about both amicable and shitstorm divorces would be most welcome.

What am I not looking for?

Anyone with an absolute position. Anyone with an axe to grind. Anyone with a victim mentality. (Or similar types of complexes.)

Interested parties should contact me: gint dot aras dot kgz at gmail . Please include a writing sample.

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