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A father’s nightmare


My daughter, only four years old, busted her head open after falling from some swings. I’m across an ocean, unable to help. So I wrote an article about the feelings and visions, most of them nightmarish.

Hope you’ll check it out. Please share it.


2 thoughts on “A father’s nightmare

  1. It’s a very moving piece. It reminded me of what happened to my daughter when she was 4 and involved in a car accident. She got injuries to her face. She needed stitches on her nose. I wasn’t so far away but I was at work and came home to get a phone call from the hospital informing me. I felt scared and helpless. I didn’t know what to expect. I felt guilty. I should have been there with her and protected her. Definitely a nightmare! What made me feel so much better was seeing her, taking a hold of her, and never letting go.

    Best wishes for your little one!

  2. She’s going to be fine!

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