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Winning the Stanley Cup

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People don’t understand what it takes to win the Stanley Cup. However, I do, and I need to start taking some credit here and giving credit where it’s due. I wore my lucky shirt today, something I forgot to do during Game 3, and I did not shower or change my underwear. I also found the socks I was wearing during Game 5 of the second round (they were in the hamper) when the Blackhawks turned the entire series around. So a lot of this has to do with me.

Kudos to all the other Blackhawks’ fans out there who pulled their fucking weight by keeping their underwear out of the wash, wearing their lucky shirts/jerseys and avoiding showers. We achieved the necessary critical mass, the necessary collective energy to get over these LA skimp-swags. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be that guy in LA who put on his crusty drawers only to learn that his neighbor had taken a shower. What an asshole.

Go Blackhawks. Original 6 match-up in the finals.

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