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Tooting my horn…or something

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I received this note from a reader recently. S/he had just finished reading one of my personal essays.

Gint, you are an emotional personal trainer.  You write, I read.  As I read, I cringe, I squirm, I feel my stomach turn, I exhale, I read on, I cringe again, I stop, I breathe, I breathe in, I breathe out, until my heart hurts.  I then I hate you….for making me FEEL.  And then, just as in any relationship with a personal trainer (if they are a good one, i.e.), I thank you when the emotional workout is over and I’ve had the chance to soak my aching emotions in some self-reflection and empathy.   Yours, [a reader]

It’s a paradox to feel so humbled by this as I also feel the urge to share. I hope my readers will remember, when they find I’ve taken them to the deepest pit, that I also write humor, a self-deprecating variety.

Thank you, in public. It’s amazing to recieve.

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