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The kind of essay I expect from students

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In my opinion, one of the things this writer uses is words.

For example, there are other things he could use. If the writer were to use them, they’d be used right along with the words (unless he didn’t use words). The reason this would happen is because you have to use something in order for it to be used. That’s how I know he uses words. When you read them, you see them.

The writer could have used something else, but he didn’t. He chose to use words because he wanted to make a choice. If you don’t choose, you’re left with no decision. This is because you need to have an action in order to be sure you are not doing nothing.

I think the writer uses words because he wanted to write something, and the reason he wanted to write something was because he wanted to use words. There’s no way around it. Our society does not allow you to write something without writing it.

This is the problem. All actions, if they’re to exist, need to be taken or else you have nothing. Our society frowns upon nothing. Perhaps if we were more open-minded, we could learn to accept nothing and be tolerant of it, but until that day comes writers are going to be using words.

Fuck words. I can tell you something about them. Words say things, only sometimes they mean something different. For example, we say “I took a shit many times in my life.” This is false. We did not take it and we can prove it because our hands are clean. If we took a shit, our hands would be dirty, unless we wore gloves or protected them in another manner. To protect your hands, you need to make sure they are not naked. If you do nothing, your hands are naked 24 hours a day. That’s obvious!

We should say, “I left a shit many times in my life.” Another way of saying it is this: “I dropped shit many times in my life.” There are many alternatives. Here’s another: “I gave shit many times in my life.” You have many choices. Pick one.

In closing, this essay demonstrates that the writer used words mostly because he had no choice. This is the tyranny of life. The writer can’t simply leave the words alone and be accepted by our society. He has to use them or else nothing happens. We hate nothing. All of the time, we are expecting something. It’s unfair, in my opinion.


One thought on “The kind of essay I expect from students

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