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Alright, in response to my last piece about college study, I’ve already gotten some comments from people about how dropouts run the world. The examples given are Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and Mozart and Churchhill and other such people.

The majority of dropouts, you’ll agree, do not do as well as the aforementioned. That’s because the aforementioned are geniuses. They are not geniuses because they dropped out. They dropped out because they were geniuses.

I always advise people who don’t want to go to college to avoid it. It’s not for everyone. But please don’t convolute the story. You’re not going to learn something interesting and relevant simply because you drop out or avoid college altogether. If you drop out or not, no one is going to keep you from starting the genius business idea you developed outside of school.

If you want to become a nurse, you’ll need college. If you’re already brilliant and you don’t need college, no one will force you to go. And if you’re being shamed to go, that’s unfortunate.


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