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Andy Nowak on church (Excerpt from Finding the Moon in Sugar)

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This excerpt from Finding the Moon in Sugar is from the chapter titled “Black Out”.

The funeral went down three days later, and for all that time it was high stress preparations, like settin’ up special prayers in a church, then a wake before they could bury him. The church was this pink one down from ŠMC and it was the first time I ever seen how they do stuff. They had lots of paintings with holy people, plus a huge dead Jesus on a cross, some blood on his head, and his body the same thin and starved like Audra’s dad [when he was dying]. The priest stood in front of that Jesus by an expensive table and burned holy smoke, mumblin’ stuff the whole time. Later on he lifted this golden cup and ate some white crackers, then shared them with everybody, though Audra said I can’t have one. I just listened to this girl sing a real sad song with an organ on a balcony. Without that song it would of been the worst vibe since only ten people showed up in that bigass church, so the music made it feel more filled up.

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