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You should get divorced before you get married

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This piece by Alyssa Royce seems at first glance to be making a controversial point. She’s arguing that couples should go through the motions of divorce to see what questions come up about property, kids, etc. It’s a thoughtful, energetic essay that cuts through the myths that are so damaging to relationships, especially in the United States.

I know that some religious groups, including the Catholic church, have traditions of putting their followers through “courses” in which serious questions are presented. Apparently, some of them are bullshit-for-a-fee while others provoke couples to think about their future in effective ways. Would we solve a problem by requiring something of this kind to anyone who has applied for a marriage license? Royce doesn’t ask that question, but it came up for me after I finished reading her essay.

I hope you’ll have a look.

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