Liquid Ink

The official website of Gint Aras, Finalist 2016 CWA Book Award


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This is a fascinating collaboration spearheaded by Croatian visual artist Željka Blakšić (known in NYC, her current home, as Gita Blak). From the website: Originating from the need to reflect upon the current political and social situation in Croatia, especially considering the increasingly frequent social protests during the past two years, the collaborative project with the working title Whisper – Talk – Sing – Scream seeks to create a temporary monument to civic courage and energy.

Gita Blak is a close friend and brilliant political artist. Whenever I speak to her, I’m often struck by how much American art, especially American art arising from artists of the upper middle class, can by comparison seem inconsequential. The energy of Whisper-Talk-Sing-Scream is immediate, chilling and, above all, an inspiration to disenfranchised contemporary youth. I highly recommend following this website as Gita builds it over the next year.

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