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Best places to buy Finding the Moon in Sugar

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Dear Liquid Inkers:

If you’ve decided you’d like to purchase (Cheers to you!) a paperback copy of my book, Finding the Moon in Sugar, *and* you live in the United States, I hope you’ll consider two very special independent bookstores. They both currently stock copies and ship to the continental 48 (as well as, I believe, Canada). If you’re a Chicagoan and have never visited either store, I have just kicked you in the balls *kick* and bought you “L” fare. *Beep* Now go!

The first is Oak Park’s The Book Table. This bookstore is a tiny miracle. According to various laws of Western culture, it should be in a town like Bloomington, Indiana or Boulder, Colorado. Coffee-drinker-book-reader cities like Seattle, Amsterdam and Copenhagen offer nothing like it (at least they did not when I last visited). The Table offers books at shocking discounts, and the owners, Jason and Rachel, are thoroughly knowledgable. They have supported my work since the beginning.

The next is Quimby’s, another miracle, appropriately in Chicago’s Wicker Park. Quimby’s has been fighting the publishing industry’s good fight for a long time, and they work hard to get out the work of indy publishers and authors. Some of the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen in print is available at Quimby’s, and I routinely surprise reader friends with off-the-wall gifts. They stack not just Finding the Moon, but Criminal Class Review, a lit mag in which my fiction has twice appeared.

Please support these businesses, important cultural institutions to Chicagoland. Cheers!

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